Tennessee Water Damage Repair and Fire Damage Repair

ProGreen Restoration is the leading Tennessee water damage and fire damage repair company in the Southeast. Our team of professionals has over 25 years of solid, reliable experience in the water damage and fire damage repair business in TN and surrounding areas.

Water Damage Repair Services for TN and surrounding areas
Water damage in particular can spread to cause even further damage if not worked on immediately, especially mold, rotting and even potential health issues for anyone living in a water damaged home. Water damage repair can include damages to carpets, walls, floors, basements and more. It can affect any room of your home. If you have water damage anywhere in your home, it is best for us to look at it right away for you.

Water Damage Restoration Services
We offer complete water damage restoration services for your home or business, no matter how small or how large. Call for a free quote!

Do you still have standing water in your home or basement? ProGreen Restoration will extract and remove any standing water and get the damage repaired quickly and professionally.

Fire Damage Repair Services for TN and surrounding areas
Fire damage can be major or minor, but either way, it will definitely affect your house, your property value, and quite potentially the health of any occupants in the fire damaged home. Whether you have extensive fire damage that needs work on, or you have a relatively minor area of fire damage in your home that you need repair services for, our highly trained experts will get your property back to the condition it needs to be in.

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ProGreen Restoration is your premiere contractor for all of your repairs, services and renovation needs. We specialize in roofing, asbestos and mold removal, and fire and water damage repair. Serving the Southeast, TN, KY, IN and AL for all of your water damage and fire damage restoration needs.

We are professional restoration contractors.