Tennessee New Roof Installation and Roof Damage Repair

ProGreen Restoration is the leading Tennessee roof experts! Whether you are working on a new project and need a roof installer, or if you have had roof damage and you need a roof repair company, we are the leading roofing company in the Southeast. Our team of professionals have over 25 years of professional experience in the roof repair and roof installation business in TN and surrounding areas.

Roof Damage Restoration Services
We offer complete roof damage restoration services. Whether it's your home, your business, your barn or your shed, we are the leading roof damage repair experts not only in TN, but surrounding states too. Call for a free quote!

New Roof Installation
Whether you are building a new home, a new business, or even a new shed, you need a professional roof installer to make sure the job is done on time, on budget, and properly! You can count on ProGreen Restoration for all of your roofing needs, from beginning to end. Our highly trained professionals will make sure your roof is installed properly and quickly.

Doing Roof Repair Yourself
It is not recommended to attempt roof repairs yourself for many reasons. You could end up causing more damage to the roof, it might not be repaired properly, and you might very well injure yourself. It is much safer to call a roof repair expert to examine your roof's damage and to see what needs to be done to repair it.

Why Get Your Roof Repaired
Roof damage can be very problematic for your home. It can easily grow into a bigger problem, causing even more damage. Animals might get in, leakage from the elements can occur, mold might be an issue, and other problems as well. Your roof is an integral part of your home, it protects all of you valuables, and the rest of your home's interior, from the elements.

We can help with any of the following:

-Leaky roof repair
-General roof damage repair
-Roof contractors
-New roof installation
-Tile roofing
-Ceramic roofing
-Business roof repair
-Home roof repair
-Barn and shed roof repair

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ProGreen Restoration is your premiere contractor for all of your repairs, services and renovation needs. We specialize in new roof installation and roof damage repair. Serving the Southeast, TN, KY, IN and AL for all of your water damage and fire damage restoration needs.

We are professional restoration contractors.