Tennessee Mold Remediation

ProGreen Restoration is the leading Tennessee mold removal (mold remediation) experts. Mold can affect any home, any business, or any structure at any time. Our team of professionals have over 25 years of professional experience in the mold remediation and mold removal business in TN and surrounding areas.

What is mold?
Molds are miniscule organisms which are neither plant nor animal--they are part of the fungi kingdom. Mold in a home can grow for various reasons, but usually they need moisture and the 'right' temperature (usually warm) to grow. Molds can start to grow in as little as 24 hours in the right condition! Not all molds are considered toxic, but more cases of 'black mold' (Stachybotrys) are appearing more and more. This is due to many reasons, including better sealed homes and newer construction materials that can be conducive to mold growth.

What areas of my home can mold affect?
Unfortunately, mold can affect almost any room in your home. Most commonly though, it is found in bathrooms where there has been a high amount of humidity or a water leak of some sort. Most molds favor damp, warm conditions, which are ideal for their growth. In the right circumstances, mold growth can be rapid and widespread.

Doing mold removal yourself...
It is not recommended to attempt mold removal at all by yourself. Breathing in certain types of mold can cause very serious health problems. It is best to have professionals examine your mold situation and have them remove it the proper, safe way. This ensures your and everyone's safety.

Why Get Your Mold Removed from Your Home
Mold damage in your home can cause serious problems. It can quickly spread, which can result in a much higher removal cost than if you had it removed upon first notice. Mold is an allergen for many people, and some molds can actually be toxic. Mold has the innate ability to cause serious health complications and can have a serious negative impact on your property's value.


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